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Latex Gloves

Our Disposable Latex Gloves are the best choice for economical hand protection. The near bare hand sensitivity and elasticity allow for uses in the manufacturing or assembly field, medical field, laboratory work or food handling and preparation.
We have different strengths and lengths of Latex Gloves depending on your needs. Our Canners and Handlers Unlined Latex Gloves provide an embossed grip for improved handling of wet or dry surfaces and can be used for many different applications. Our AmerCare Medical High Risk Latex Gloves are a sturdy 13 mils thick, offering twice the protection from viruses, bacteria or body fluids. For food service, try our Large Powdered Latex Glove designed for preparing food, serving and splash protection. Or for general applications, try our Disposable Latex Powder Free General Purpose Gloves. These gloves can be used for most non-medical applications and are a fantastic price! Thank you for browsing our Disposable Latex Glove selection. Whatever your application, we have a glove that meets your needs. Our gloves are used in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, clinics and dental offices, as well as nursing homes, daycares and laboratories.
With so many selections and sizes to choose from, you can find your perfect fit glove at FoodServiceFireSale. We look forward to serving you.