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Morcon is a leading supplier of paper products to the foodservice and janitorial supply industries. They specialize in napkins, cfold towels, multifold towels and toilet tissue. Offer your customers and employees an effective paper towel to dry their hands with. Our high quality Bleached C-Fold Paper Towels are ideal for bathrooms and shared work areas. These white c-fold select size paper towels are an economical choice for any cafeteria or restaurant. They are perfect for commercial restrooms.
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Jumbo (MOR29) Toilet Tissue 9 Inch - 2 Ply
Jumbo Toilet Tissue 9 Inch - 2 Ply(750210)
Our Price: $23.22 / CASE of 12
60076 in stock!

MOR29 by Morcon
Brown Hardwound Roll Towels - 8 in. x 800 Ft.
Our Price: $21.05 / Case of 6
33915 in stock!

MORR6800 by Morcon
White Hardwound Roll Towels - 7.9 in. x 800 Ft.
Our Price: $24.83 / Case of 6
19129 in stock!

MORW6800 by Morcon
White 1 Ply Beverage One Fourth Fold Napkin - 9.5 in. x 9.5 in.
Our Price: $15.35 / Case of 500
6154 in stock!

MORB8500 by Morcon Paper
Morsoft White Lunch Napkins
Morsoft White Lunch Napkins 6000 Count
Our Price: $31.23 / CASE of 6000
4822 in stock!

MOR1250 by Morcon Paper
Soft Kraft Hardwound Towel
Our Price: $20.77 / CASE of 12
15346 in stock!

MORR12350 by Morcon Paper
Bleached (MORC122) C-Fold Paper Towel
Bleached C-Fold Paper Towel
Our Price: $19.21 / CASE of 2400
11258 in stock!

MORC122 by Morcon
MOR M125
Ultra Toilet Tissue - 1 Ply
Our Price: $37.98 / CASE of 24
10391 in stock!

MORM125 by Morcon Paper
Soft White Hardwound Towel 350 Ft. - Case
Our Price: $24.94 / Case of 12
4109 in stock!

MORW12350 by Morcon Paper
Soft Center Pull Paper Towels
Soft Center Pull Paper Towels
Our Price: $26.11 / CASE of 6
3603 in stock!

MORC6600 by Morcon Paper
MOR 1717
White Dinner Napkin - 17 x 17
Our Price: $32.15 / CASE of 3000
3750 in stock!

MOR1717 by Morcon
MOR 16250
White Dinner Napkin - 1 Ply - 17X17
Our Price: $42.94 / CASE of 4000
5118 in stock!

Tall Fold Dispenser Napkins
Tall Fold Dispenser Napkins - 7 x 13.5 inch
Our Price: $32.45 / CASE of 1000
8828 in stock!

MORD20500 by Morcon Paper
Non Perfected Hard Roll Towel 1 Ply - 7.87 in.
Our Price: $33.34 / Case of 12
5173 in stock!

MORR12600 by Morcon Paper
MOR M1500
White Toilet Tissue - 1 Ply
Our Price: $45.51 /CASE   
1871 in stock!

MORM1500 by Morcon Paper
MOR D213
1 Ply Napkin Dispenser - 12 x 13 inches
Our Price: $42.29 / CASE of 6000
2144 in stock!

MORD213 by Morcon Paper
White Dispenser Napkin
Our Price: $25.50 / Case of 8000
2050 in stock!

MORD712 by Morcon Paper
MOR 1517
1 Ply Dinner Napkin - 15 x 17 Inches
Our Price: $43.20 / CASE of 8000
4479 in stock!

MOR1517 by Morcon Paper
MOR D1213
Dispenser Napkin - 12 x 13 inches
Our Price: $48.20 / CASE of 6000
1097 in stock!

MORD1213 by Morcon Paper
Ultra Toilet Tissue 24 Per Case - Case
Our Price: $38.29 / CASE of 24
3478 in stock!

MORM250 by Morcon Paper
MOR D1217
Dispenser Napkins 12 x 17 inches
Our Price: $51.89 / Case of 6000
1228 in stock!

MORD1217 by Morcon Paper
MOR M600
Toilet Tissue - 2 Ply
Our Price: $38.33 / CASE of 48
2399 in stock!

MORM600 by Morcon Paper
Jumbo Toilet Tissue 24 Per Case - Case
Our Price: $34.83 / CASE   
2076 in stock!

MORM2000 by Morcon Paper
Mor-Soft Compact Two-Ply White Bath Tissue
Our Price: $55.83 / Case of 36
10700 in stock!

MORM1000 by Morcon
MOR M750
White 2 Ply Toilet Tissue
Our Price: $46.84 / CASE of 48
2066 in stock!

MORM750 by Morcon Paper
They work with most standard c-fold paper towel dispensers. If youíre looking to save money, without sacrificing quality, then youíve come to the right place. These Bleached C-Fold Paper Towels comes in a simple white design. Morcon c-fold hand towels are EPA compliant for recycled content in paper towels, minimum 40% post-consumer paper. Morcon Jumbo Toilet Tissue 9 Inch means fewer refills, reduced run-out and lower maintenance costs. They are perfect for high traffic areas such as public restrooms, busy offices, campgrounds, and entertainment complexes. This recycled toilet tissue Whiter, brighter, and softer. Meets EPA procurement guidelines for recycled content; eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. Morcon Jumbo Toilet Tissue 9 Inch fits most jumbo dispensers. This jumbo roll of toilet paper is bright white, non-perforated, 1-ply8 3/4 diameter x 3 1/4 core size x 3 1/2 width. Save time, effort, and replacement costs with this jumbo roll of Toilet Tissue.

Shop Morcon for all of your paper towel and napkin needs. If youíre a hotel or restaurant owner, we recommend you to have this great Morconís White Dinner Napkin. This premium dinner napkin brings a tradition of quality to the table. We also carry 2 Ply Dinner Napkin that are attractively embossed with a great design to suit any occasion. Whether it is 1-Ply or 2-Ply Dinner Napkin both are characterized by being oft, strong and very absorbent as you can also print your custom design onto napkins. Paper napkins deliver elegance and style to your table presentations. They tell your customers that details matter to you and convey the pride that you take in your business. Not only for restaurants and clubs, they're all occasions when your firm provides food and beverages. Equally suited for both casual and formal dining, our napkins exude class and will dress up any dinner party.