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Some people call us the napkin superstore. We stock hundred of different napkins for foodservice restaurants. Dinner napkins are typically bigger and used for lunches and dinners. Luncheon napkins are a bit smaller. Many restaurants prefer to use dispenser napkins at lunch time for easy dispensing. You can place them right on the tables for easy service.
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Essence Impressions (GPC921-13) 1/6 Fold Linen Replacement Guest Towels
Essence Impressions 1/6 Fold Linen Replacement Guest Towels
Our Price: $91.26 / Case of 800
In Stock

GPC 921-13 by Georgia Pacific Dixie more info
Cascades for ServOne White Napkins Twin Pack
Our Price: $57.41 / Case
In Stock

CSD2410 by Cascades Tissue more info
Cascades Moka for ServOne Twin Pack Napkins
Our Price: $59.56 / Case
In Stock

CSD2411 by Cascades Tissue more info
Stout Envision Sanitary Napkin Plastic Disposal Bag
Our Price: $51.79 / Box
In Stock

STOTGUF by Foodservice Firesale more info
Mark II Crank Roll Towel Dispenser
Our Price: $72.20 / Each
In Stock

Mark II Crank Roll Towel Dispenser
GPC562-01 Georgia Pacific
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Our Food Service Napkins and Dispensers for restaurants help your business run smoothly and efficiently. Beverage napkins, also known as bevnaps, are used to set drinks on to catch the condensation so you patrons don't drip all over themselves.

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When you're all set and waiting for your visitors it's always essential to make sure you have enough supply of disposable napkins and tissues. One of the major brands of tissue napkins is Scott. Scott napkins have been well known for their tough cleaning abilities and in the same time their softness on your skin. Family meals can always produce many messes especially when kids are around but with Scott napkins you can enjoy your time without fearing any messes. Especially with Scott Megacartridge napkins you can never go out of napkins for your guests. Sott napkins can be used to wipe any spilled liquids, wipe off any left overs left on the table and best used by your guests during and after meals. Also, with Scott White Megacartridge napkins you can easily reload with a high capacity. Scott napkins are a basic at your dining table and all around the house when it's the holiday season, don't cut down on the fun.