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Outdoor Containers and Tops

The appearance of your business is just as important as its operation. Trash containers serve a dual purpose here, allowing you to get the job done while keeping your establishment looking its best. It doesnít matter what type of business or organization you have, because finding the best outdoor garbage containers is a very important part of making your business work better. It doesnít matter if youíre in the market for style and class or if you just need the trash receptacles that work, you can find your janitorial supplies here. Thereís something for everyone in our great selection of outdoor containers, including a variety of tops to go with them.
Hooded Top Metal Recycling Containers and Lids

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Marshal Classic Container Beige 15 Gallon
Our Price: $176.93 /EACH
723 in stock!

RCP8160-88BEI by Rubbermaid Commercial more info
56 Gallon Brown Glutton Container
Our Price: $198.45 / EACH   
797 in stock!

56 Gallon Brown Glutton Container
RCP 256B BRO by Rubbermaid
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Marshal Classic Container Black 15 Gallon
Our Price: $176.93 /EACH
531 in stock!

RCP 8160-88 BLA by Rubbermaid Commercial more info
Marshal Classic Container - 15 Gallon - Brown
Our Price: $175.08 /EACH
169 in stock!

RCP8160-88BRO more info
Aggregate Panel for Landmark Series Classic Container
Our Price: $244.93 / CASE of 4   
58 in stock!

Aggregate Panel for Landmark Series Classic Container
fits 3975, 3975-01, 3975-88, 3976, 3977
RCP4004RIV by Rubbermaid
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Blue Recycling Cube Truck - 500 lbs
Our Price: $578.76 / EACH
50 in stock!

RCP4616-73BLU by Rubbermaid more info
Aggregate Panel for Landmark Series Classic Container River Rock
Our Price: $205.84 / CASE of 4   
32 in stock!

River Rock Aggregate Panel for Landmark Series Classic Containers
RCP4003RIV by Rubbermaid
more info
Square Rigid Liner 24.6 Gallon Gray
Our Price: $131.43 / EACH
318 in stock!

RCP3566GRA by Rubbermaid Commercial more info
You truly can find just about everything that you need here at FoodServiceFireSale for janitorial supply and foodservice supply. Recycling bins, decorative trash cans for the entrances of your establishment, and even heavy duty portable bins to take your garbage from the building to the dumpster are all yours to choose from. Companies like United Receptacle and Witt Industries and Rubbermaid have spent their time creating the best of the best in commercial grade trash containers and garbage cans, and itís up to you to determine which ones best suit your specific needs. With the selection and variety offered through FoodServiceFireSale, it should be no trouble at all. Thank you for taking the time to check out the many great trash receptacles available for outdoor use here at FoodServiceFireSale. There is nothing that we enjoy more than providing you with all of the products and services that you need for your business or commercial organization. For all of your outdoor trash, recycling, and organizational needs, weíve got exactly what youíre looking for. Thatís not all, though. Feel free to browse our site and see what else you can find that youíve been looking for.
Our goal is to provide you with the products and items that you need at prices that you can afford. There are so many different things to think about when it comes to outfitting a business or organization, and we understand how much work it can be. Thatís why we do our best to take the hassle out of the entire process by offering you so many great products in one place. Whether you need heavy duty outdoor trash containers or just some recycling bins to help out the environment, you should be able to get what you need. If you ever have questions or want more information, feel free to contact us at anytime.