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Oven Cleaners and Grill Cleaners

Foodservice kitchens and restaurants need heavy duty oven cleaners and grill cleaners to keep the cooking equipment clean and in tip top shape. 3 of the biggest names in oven cleaning are Easy Off, Ajax, and Mr Muscle. Baking soda works well to clean ovens and grills at home, but takes too much time for a busy commercial kitchen. Commercial kitchens don't have time to wait, so they choose heavy duty commercial oven cleaners to get the job done fast. Our grill cleaners come in aerosol cans and liquid spray bottles to remove baked on grease and grime.
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Break-Up Oven Cleaner - 19 oz.
Our Price: $34.86 / Case of 6
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DVO991206 by Johnson Diversey more info
Break Up Fryer Boil-Out ( CBD 991209 ) Fryer Boil-Out
Break Up Fryer Boil-Out
Our Price: $51.81 / CASE of 36
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CBD991209 by Johnson Diversey more info
Netural Oven and Grill Cleaner - 32 oz.
Our Price: $104.19 / Case of 12
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DRK48049 by Johnson Diversey more info
Easy-Off Over and Grill Cleaner 6/64oz
Our Price: $61.36 / CASE of 6
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REC80689 by Reckitt Benckiser more info
CHA 5177
Champion Sprayon Oven Cleaner - 18 Oz Aerosol
Our Price: $41.17 / CASE of 12
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CHA5177 by Chase Products more info
The main ingredient in commercial oven cleaning products is baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. The sodium bicarbonate takes time to react with the black carbon buildup in your oven, so keep applying and wiping out the scum. Baking soda also needs to be wet to react with the carbon buildup and clean your grill or oven, so make sure you wet it first. Our commercial oven cleaners work fast for busy kitchens and restaurants. Every restaurant and foodservice establishment needs heavy duty oven cleaners to remove the grease and oil from their cooking grills. Baking soda can be used but it takes time which restaurants don't have. So 9 out of 10 restaurants prefer strong oven cleaners like Easy Off and Mr Muscle to remove the grease and grime after a heavy week of cooking.