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Paint and Graffiti and Gum Remover

Graffiti removers help you clean up vandalism from urban artists. These are useful at schools, train yards and foodservice establishments. Most commercial graffiti removers take the paint right off with some scrubbing. Gum removers help schools and foodservice companies remove gum from their pathways to keep people from tracking it inside. Gum is a huge problem at most high schools. Some of the stickiest situations are in malls, stores and schools where gum is often found stuck on the walls, floors as well as carpets. Gum has to be removed consistently so pick a heavy duty gum remover to get the job done quickly.
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Gum And Candle Wax Remover
Our Price: $39.23 / Case of 12
11 in stock!

Gum And Wax Remover
BWK353-A by Boardwalk
AMR A175-20
Solvent Spot Remover - Perchloroethylene
Our Price: $96.64 / CASE of 12   
5 in stock!

Solvent Spot Remover - Perchloroethylene AMR A175-20 by Amrep
Gum Remover Ready-to-Use
Our Price: $77.61 /Case   
1 in stock!

Gum Remover Ready-to-Use MCO34854 by 3M
Vandalism Mark Remover - 16 oz.
Our Price: $64.72 / Case of 12   
209 in stock!

Vandalism Mark Remover - 16 oz. BWK351ACT by Boardwalk
AMR A183-12
Gum Remover II Cleaner - Odorless
Our Price: $43.90 / CASE of 12   
111 in stock!

Gum Remover II Cleaner - Odorless
AMR A183-12 by Amrep
AMR A178-20
Vandalism Mark Remover - Odorless
Our Price: $73.22 / CASE of 12   
92 in stock!

Vandalism Mark Remover - Odorless
AMR A178-20 by Amrep
Pen Ink and Marker Graffiti Remover
Our Price: $52.64 / CASE of 6
24 in stock!

MTS40901 by Motsenbockers Liftoff
For removal of sticky gums you can use our Scrub Graffiti spray painter and Gum Remover.  For vandalism marks you can use our Vandalism mark remover. No sticky feeling even after using gum remover and removing the sticky gums from your wall, carpet or any other part of your foodservice shop. These chemicals are also excellent for removing candle wax.