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Pelouze scales and thermometers are durable for commercial kitchens.
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Thermometer Refrigerator Freezer 80F
Our Price: $6.98 / EACH
1312 in stock!

PELR80DC by Pelouze
Dishwasher Safe Pocket Thermometer - 5 inch
Our Price: $6.64 / each
70 in stock!

PELTHP220DS by Pelouze
Pocket Thermometer 200 Degree - Each
Our Price: $4.35 / EACH
740 in stock!

PELTHP220C by Pelouze
Thermometer Refrigerator Freezer 80F. Horizontal - Each
Our Price: $4.51 / EACH
67 in stock!

PELR80GC by Pelouze
Thermocouple Type K
Our Price: $187.35 / EACH
71 in stock!

PELTMP2000 by Pelouze
Food Monitoring Oven Thermometer - Each
Our Price: $4.95 / EACH
14 in stock!

PELCOT550C by Pelouze
High Performance Digital Portion Control Scales. Save money on high cost foods with digital portioning from Pelouze. Pelouze was recently aquired by Rubbermaid Commercial adding to rubbermaids broad arsenal of commercial products. These scales are known throughout the foodservice industry as reliable and economical. Pelouze scales are also found in laboratories around the world.  They are easy to wash and clean which is another benefit. Pelouze also makes high quality thermometers for commercial kitchens.