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Procter and Gamble Household Cleaners

Among the many household products Procter and Gamble manufactures is the Swiffer which is a well-known registered trademark of P&G. Names of Swiffer products include Swiffer Duster and Swiffer WetJet. Swiffer Dusters donít let the dust fly by like cloths or feather dusters but holds and locks dust and allergens removing them from the deepest of places. They leave you with a clean finish to your home.
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Mr. Clean White All Purpose Magic Erasers Large
Our Price: $26.99 / Case of 24
1 in stock!

PGC82027 by Procter and Gamble
Mr. Clean Extra Power Magic Eraser - 30 Ct.
Our Price: $42.50 / CASE   
5664 in stock!

PGC16449 by Procter and Gamble
Swiffer Extended Handle Duster With Refill Cloth
Swiffer Extended Handle Duster With Refill Cloth
Our Price: $59.99 / CASE of 12
2668 in stock!

PGC44750 by Procter and Gamble
Swiffer Wet Refill Cloths Open Window Fresh White Cloth - 8 in. x 10 in.
Our Price: $73.13 / Carton of 12 Tubs   
3878 in stock!

PGC95531CT by Procter and Gamble
Swiffer White Dry Refill System Cloth - 10.63 in. x 8 in.
Our Price: $55.33 / Carton of 192   
2754 in stock!

PGC33407CT by Procter and Gamble
Swiffer Green 10 in. Wide Mop
Our Price: $44.12 / Case of 3   
1892 in stock!

PGC09060CT by Procter and Gamble
Swiffer Max Sweeper (PGC37109)- Refill Cloths
Swiffer Max Sweeper - Refill Cloths - 96 Pack
Our Price: $59.58 / CASE of 96
1277 in stock!

PGC37109 by Procter and Gamble
White Swiffer Wet Jet Pad Refill Cloths
Our Price: $59.50 / Case of 96
840 in stock!

PGC08443 by Procter and Gamble
Mr. Clean Magic Erasers Extra Power 32 Count
Our Price: $49.55 / CASE of 32
1574 in stock!

PGC04250 by Procter and Gamble
Swiffer Furniture Polish Almond - 9.7 Oz.
Our Price: $21.45 / Case of 6
199 in stock!

PGC81618 by Procter and Gamble
Mr Clean Magic Erasers White
Our Price: $27.81 / Case   
449 in stock!

PGC80393 by Procter and Gamble
Clean Quick Powdered Chlorine-Based Sanitizer - 1 Oz.
Our Price: $44.45 / Case of 100
161 in stock!

PGC02584 by Procter and Gamble
Swiffer Dry Cloth Wet Jet White
Our Price: $43.03 / Case
332 in stock!

PGC81790 by Procter and Gamble
Swiffer Max Starter Kit
Swiffer Max Starter Kit
Our Price: $68.99 / CASE of 3
234 in stock!

PGC37108 by Procter and Gamble
Swiffer Starter Kit
Our Price: $109.00 / Case
297 in stock!

PGC85801 by Procter and Gamble
Swiffer Wet Refill Dust Cloth White - 10 in. x 8 in.
Our Price: $62.15 / Case of 14
254 in stock!

PGC82856 by Procter and Gamble
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Heavy Duty Bath Scrubber
Our Price: $54.78 / Case   
404 in stock!

PGC27141 by Procter and Gamble
Mr. Clean is another cleaning product manufactured by Procter & Gamble and since the 1950s has been used in households around the world. From the original Mr. Clean formula to newer products such as the magic eraser Mr. Clean has changed and evolved a lot over the years. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will make your home look new by removing scuff and dirt from your walls, floors, boards, blinds and more. Itís so powerful that each swipe removes more grime than the all-purpose spray cleaner. Its water-covered micro-scrubbers reach the hardest of grooves on your home surfaces. Just try it to discover how clean and shiny it can turn your home into. Itís also available in Extrapower form for even more maximal cleaning abilities. Mr. Clean also provides the All-purpose liquid Cleaner with lemon scent with easy use all over the house on any hard surface, leaving you with a cleaner fresher scent and look to your home.