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Provon Skin Care

Buy quality Provon Skin Care products from the leader in commercial bathroom soaps and lotions. Our Provon dispensers are found throughout businesses, hospitals and healthcare facilities.
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PROVON (GOJ2118-08) Antimicrobial Lotion Soap with 0.3% Chloroxylenol
PROVON Antimicrobial Lotion Soap with 0.3% Chloroxylenol
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GOJ2118-08 by Gojo more info
Buy wholesale Provon Skin Care soaps and dispensers from the foodservice countertop sink area specialists. Provon soaps are specially formulated for use in hospitals, nursing homes, daycare, and other places where cleanliness is a must, but care must be taken to not irritate tender skin. Provon Brand Soaps by Gojo contain deep-conditioning moisturizers. Whatever type of Provon soap you choose, it will condition dry, irritated skin, and help prevent tender skin from drying and cracking.

Besides the moisturizing benefit, Provon is medically formulated to provide the best in cleanliness, and sanitation for your patients. All of the Provon products can be used with latex gloves. It is a water-based, non greasy, and a lightly scented product.

The different types of products available with the Provon brand are:
 Mild Lotion Soap
 Medicated Lotion Soap
 Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion
 Skin moisturizer with Aloe and vitamins
 Tearless Shampoo & Body Soap
 Conditioning soap
 Foam handwash
 Foaming medicated handwash
 Enriched Shampoo and body wash
 Medicated Lotion soap with Chloroxylenol
 Perineal wash
 Antimicrobial lotion soap
 FMX foaming handwash with moisturizers
 Foaming Hair & Body wash with moisturizer
 Medicated lotion with Triclosan