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We stock chemical spray protection coveralls and other safety suits to keep you safe. When your employees face life threatening conditions, you need to know they‘re protected. Kleenguard A70 Chemical Spray Protective Apparel is a great garment for optimum protection in the workplace. This protective apparel comes in yellow and is available in various sizes. Kleenguard coveralls have undergone extensive chemical permeation testing by independent labs, with some fabrics successfully tested against more than 360 challenge chemicals. Leave dirt, grease, germs and other damaging contaminants outside where they belong with our KLEENGUARD A10 Light Duty Shoe Covers Blue. Shoe covers are the most common solution for any problem facing realtors, homeowners and other professional tradesmen every day. They are very practical, inexpensive and unique. These shoe covers offer users great comfort, as well as protection for many non hazardous environments. They are used at hospitals for avoiding germs and for the protection of the patients. Also, for those who are embarrassed for asking their guests to take off their shoes before entering, shoe covers offer a solution.
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KCC 40228
Jackson Safety G40 Blue Nitrile Foam Coated Gloves - Large
Our Price: $47.24 / CASE of 12 Pair
In Stock

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KCC 40227
Jackson Safety G40 Blue Nitrile Foam Coated Gloves - Medium
Our Price: $47.24 / PACK of 12
In Stock

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KCC 40226
Jackson Safety G40 Blue Nitrile Foam Coated Gloves Small
Our Price: $47.24 / Case of 12 Pair
In Stock

KCC 40226 by Kimberly Clark more info
For medical and healthcare protection, KLEENGUARD A20 SELECT Breathable Particle Protection Lab Coats are professional lab coats designed for the protection from harmful substances that might come into contact with users. Medical professionals, chemical researchers, laboratory technicians and others who are exposed to hazardous materials and dangerous substances typically wear these coats as a form of protection. These coats are durable, triple layer construction includes a breathable microfilament matrix layered between tear- resistant outer layers, tailored design with stitched seams, large pockets, and standard collar. Our coats can fulfill your laboratory needs while still offering a great value for the money.