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School Janitorial and Cafeteria Foodservice Supplies

We sell bulk paper towels, toilet paper, soap, lunch trays, cutlery kits and utility carts to schools all across the country at wholesale prices.
Disinfectant Cleaners For Schools School Brooms School Cafeteria Tumbler Cups School Can Liners

School Chairs School Dishwashing Detergents School Dispenser Napkins School Floor Machines

School Food Apparel School Food Storage and Camracks School Food Trays School Food Wrap

School Gum Cleaner School Hand Soap School Mops and Buckets School Odor Control

School Paper Towels School Toilet Paper and Dispensers School Trash Cans School Vacuums

Our service level is superb to schools and childcare centers for bulk purchases of everyday supplies for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges. Our janitorial mix for cleaning your school is the most complete in the industry as well including brooms, vacuums, chemicals, and more. Also, we are the leading school foodservice supplier for your cafeteria including food trays, cutlery, napkins, steamtable pans, spoons, and more. Wholesale School supplies including your disposable foodservice products and your cleaning janitorial products. Janitors can stock their janitor closets full with our one stop janitorial shop. Cafeteria buyers can simplify their purchases from 1 supplier and cut their costs.

If you are in charge of requisitioning supplies for a school district or individual school, you can rely on us to have the supplies you need. We provide a variety of cleaning and disinfectant products for your hallways, cafeterias and classrooms. Other janitorial equipment such as mop buckets, caution signs for wet floors, floor buffing equipment, vacuums, and wiping cloths can be purchased in the same order. Need school cafeteria supplies? You can find food handling gloves, baking liners, napkins, disposable plates, and cups, and straws, as well as other specialty paper products. Also, you can find pudding, and drink mixes in the Food and Drink section of our website. Are you a PTA President? Don’t be caught short of the napkins, cups, plates, and table coverings you need throughout the year to keep all the special events running smoothly.

When School Is out, Cleaning Is In!
As the school year comes to a close, summer is the ideal time to tackle deep cleaning and maintenance jobs that need addressing, as well as attend to tasks that got missed during the hectic school year. Favorable weather, plus the lack of staff and students around to clean up after, make summer a very productive time when it comes to implementing a cleaning program.

Summer is also a great time to take inventory of tools and supplies, as well as evaluate their condition. Look in storerooms, closets and storage sheds to review what’s on hand, and assess if appliances and machines are running properly, need servicing, or should be replaced. Make sure to stock up so needed equipment is at the ready when school resumes in the fall.

Prioritizing cleaning projects and identifying tasks is key to ensuring a successful, efficient summer cleaning program. Concentrate on jobs that need the most attention, and make sure to have needed supplies and equipment on hand. Here are some areas that should be on every school’s cleaning and maintenance checklist:

Common Areas
Windows, Doors and Walls
Plumbing, Fixtures and Drains
Hallways and Stairs
Playgrounds and Recreational Equipment

A clean and properly maintained school will be a welcome sight in the fall, and will help ensure the safety and well-being of both staff and students. Essendant can help you supply your school customers with all the products and supplies they need–from dispensers and refills, floor care supplies, restroom cleaners, and much more.