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Whether you are looking for general purpose hand wipers or industrial and commercial sanitizing wipers, the Dymon Chemical Scrubs range of products has it all. From hand cleaners for light soil to hand sanitizers and germicidal wipes for hospitals and healthcare environments, scrubs in a bucket get the job done. School cafeterias and foodservice cafeterias can use Scrubs to clean any surface. Scrubs Video

The Scrubs range of products is dependable enough for a germ free and fresh environment for office, workplace, washrooms, and healthcare facilities. Get Scrubs hand cleaners, sanitizers, germicidal wipes, and cleaning wipes at the best price here at FoodServiceFireSale.com. SCRUBS Brand Wipes have performed convenient, heavy-duty cleaning for over 20 years! In 1993, SCRUBS in-a-Bucket Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner Towels were launched, forever changing the way people clean their hands and worksurfaces. Today, the original hand cleaner towel with its blue and white dual texture is still the go-to, waterless hand cleaner for mobile workers as well as for those who want fast, easy cleanups on-site.

The textured side of SCRUBS in-a-Bucket Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner Towels breaks through dirt, grease, ink, tar, oils, paint, caulk and more, absorbing them into the towel, while the smooth side is excellent for wiping work surfaces. The towel locks in soils without transferring them back onto hands or surfaces, providing efficient one-step hand (and surface) cleaning.

Since their introduction, SCRUBS brand wipes have become synonymous with wipes for professionals. The SCRUBS brand of wipes now offers a wide variety of wipes ranging from the original SCRUBS in-a-Bucket Hand Cleaner Towels to the labor-saving SCRUBS Stainless Steel Cleaner Wipes.