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Shat-R-Shield Inc

Shat-R-Shield's founder, Jim Nolan introduced the first safety-coated fluorescent lamp in 1976. That event established the worldwide protective lighting industry. Employees of Shat-R-Shield and protective lighting customers around the globe are grateful for Jim Nolan's many contributions.
Shat-R-Shield provides a full-line of shatter-resistant lamps and lighting products that include: fluorescents, incandescents, compact fluorescents, HIDs (High Intensity Discharge), black lights, germicidals, gold lamps, and glass globes. Currently, millions of Shat-R-Shield lamps and lighting products are on-the-job worldwide for a wide variety of industries seeking the most reliable and most cost-efficient worksite protection.
If a Shat-R-Shield lamp is accidentally broken, virtually all glass, phosphors and mercury are safely contained within the clear and tough, skin-tight plastic coating, guaranteed not to yellow.
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Clear Heat Lamp Bulb
Our Price: $17.40 / Each   

Clear Heat Lamp Bulb by Shat-R-Shield Inc
Small 40 Watt Heat Lamp Bulb
Our Price: $52.04 / Case of 12

Small 40 Watt Heat Lamp Bulb by Shat-R-Shield Inc
Shat-R-Shield lamps are UL-EPH® (Environmental and Public Health) classified, NSF® certified, and meet FDA, OSHA, ASME, CFIA (Canada Food Inspection Agency) and Mexico Department of Agriculture and Rural Development regulations.

Shat-R-Shield uses independent 3rd-party laboratories to confirm the reliability of its products and safety coatings. Chemical component consistency and dependability of Shat-R-Shield safety coatings is conducted by DuPont®. Product performance is tested and documented by Intertek®.

Shat-R-Shield is a business-to-business organization with professional associations that include: NAED, NEMRA, MAFSI, NEHA, NAFEM, CEN, SEN, IMARK, A-D and the Rowan County Chamber of Commerce.