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Skimmers and Strainers

Skimmers and Strainers are used in foodservice kitchens to skim food out of hot oil or boiling water and to strain drinks.. Commercial skimmers are perfect for cooking tortilla chips, chicken fingers, french fries and more. Or maybe you need strainers for big pots of spaghetti. China cap strainers are used to strain sauces, stocks and soups in many restaurants. China Cap Strainers Ensure the purity of your liquids or soft foods in your foodservice establishment by removing seeds and coarse matter from the liquid.
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Stainless Steel Cocktail Strainer Carded - 7.50 in.
Our Price: $3.17 / Each

4 1/2" Wide and 6" long.
8015C by Franmara Inc
more info
Double Mesh Strainer - 8 in.
Our Price: $7.22 / Each

Double Mesh Strainer - 8 in. by Johnson-Rose Corporation more info
Single Mesh Bowl Strainer - 10 in.
Our Price: $13.48 / Each

Single Mesh Bowl Strainer - 10 in.
13-0652 by Admiral Craft Equipment
more info
Stainless Steel 2 Prong Cocktail Strainer
Our Price: $2.72 / Each

Heavy duty.
1012 by Spill-Stop Mfg. Co.
more info
Medium Weight Strainer - 10.25 in.
Our Price: $12.11 / Each

Medium Weight Strainer - 10.25 in. by Tablecraft more info
Aluminum Light Strainer - 11.12 in.
Our Price: $35.38 / Each

Aluminum Light Strainer - 11.12 in. by Carlisle Foodservice more info
Buy wholesale Skimmers and Strainers from the foodservice supply superstore. Make your job easier with china cap strainers. Strainers can be used to strain pulp from your orange juice and seeds from fruit juices. Strainers are used in restaurant kitchens to strain seeds from fruit juice and egg yolks from eggs if required. Chefs use them to strain stocks and soups to keep bones and other impurities out of the end product. One of the most popular uses for strainers is for pasta and spaghetti. Buy your stainless steel strainers at wholesale prices from a foodservice supply store online for quality commercial kitchen equipment.

Mesh skimmers are useful for cooking in hot oil and boiling water. Safely remove the food while letting the liquid leak out back into the pot or pan. Update international makes top quality cooking skimmers for restaurants and foodservice kitchens.