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Squeegees and Washers

Today most people associate the squeegee with cleaning windows, windshields, and acrylic or glass surfaces like showers or tub enclosures. Squeegees and Washers are great products which we use for a clean and healthy atmosphere.
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Black Heavy Duty Water Wand Floor Squeegee 30 inch
Our Price: $16.50 / Each
3886 in stock!

UNGHM750 by Unger
Heavy-Duty Water Wand Squeegee 22 Inch
Our Price: $13.90 / EACH
2739 in stock!

UNGHM550 by Unger
Water Wand Standard Floor Squeegee
Our Price: $5.99 / Case of 10
2991 in stock!

UNGMW450 by Unger
General-Duty Squeegee
Our Price: $3.64 / EACH   
6020 in stock!

Unisan General-Duty Squeegee
UNS816 by Unisan
Pro Stainless Steel Squeegee - 18 Inches
Our Price: $16.29 /Each
2121 in stock!

UNGPR45 by Unger Enterprises Inc.
Disposable Water Wand Floor Squeegee
Our Price: $9.44 / Each
2262 in stock!

UNGMW550 by Unger
Unger Pro Aluminum Handle 1.5 Taper - 56 in length
Our Price: $17.55 / EACH
1908 in stock!

UNGAL140 by Unger
Sanitary Standard Floor Squeegee 22 inches
Our Price: $14.24 / EACH
2333 in stock!

UNGPM55A by Unger Enterprises Inc.
Floor Sanitary Brush Squeegee - 22 inch
Our Price: $17.86 / EACH
1204 in stock!

UNGPB55A by Unger
Unger Pro (UNGAL14A) Aluminum Acme Thread Professional Handle 58 inch
Unger Pro Aluminum Acme Thread Professional Handle 58 inch
Our Price: $17.55 / EACH
1859 in stock!

UNGAL14A by Unger Enterprises Inc
Red Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee
Our Price: $19.56 / each
1089 in stock!

UNGHW750 by Unger
Stainless Steel Squeegee Handle With Rubber Grip
Our Price: $9.03 /EACH
1453 in stock!

UNGPR00 by Unger
Fixi Clamp for Handi Brush
Our Price: $32.84 / EACH
598 in stock!

UNGFIXI by Unger
Aqua Dozer Heavy-duty Squeegee w EPDM Rubber 36 inch Curved
Our Price: $34.14 / Each
884 in stock!

UNGFP90C by Unger Enterprises Inc.
Golden Clip Brass Squeegee Handle Only
Our Price: $8.53 / Each
684 in stock!

UNGGS00  by Unger Enterprises Inc
Sanitary Standard Floor Squeegee
Our Price: $11.46 / Pack of 10
1662 in stock!

UNGPM45A by Unger
Aqua Dozer Heavy-duty Squeegee w EPDM Black Rubber 24 inch Curved
Our Price: $27.71 / Each
601 in stock!

UNGFP60C  by Unger Enterprises Inc.
Golden Clip Window Squeegee
Our Price: $15.08 /EACH
882 in stock!

UNGGS45 by Unger
UniTec Lite Squeegee 12 inches
Our Price: $6.50 / Each
1166 in stock!

UNGUS300  by Unger Enterprises Inc.
Floor Sanitary Brush Squeegee
Our Price: $15.21 / Pack of 10
838 in stock!

UNGPB45A by Unger
Flo-Pac Black Soft Squeegee - 22 in.
Our Price: $10.34 / Each   

Flo-Pac Black Soft Squeegee - 22 in. by Carlisle Foodservice
AquaDozer HeavyDuty Floor Squeegee with EPDM Black Rubber 18 inch
Our Price: $24.09 / Each
295 in stock!

UNGFP45  by Unger Enterprises Inc
Pro Stainless Steel Window Squeegees
Our Price: $6.93 /Each
429 in stock!

UNGNE35 by Unger
AquaDozer HeavyDuty Squeegee w EPDM Black Rubber 36 inch
Our Price: $30.68 / Each
628 in stock!

UNGFP90  by Unger Enterprises Inc
Window Squeegee Rubber Blade
Our Price: $25.39 / EACH   
239 in stock!

Window Squeegee Rubber Blade
UNGRT30 by Unger
Using a squeegee can save on paper products and avoid the hassle of creating wet and dirty rags that must be washed or discarded. We ship hundreds of Wall Washer Kits With 1 Handle,1 Head and 2 Cotton Pads that is a perfect combo product. It has a raised ribbed design that works with either side pressure or downward pressure mop wringers without requiring supplementary adapters. And also, the washable pads remove easily for convenient laundering. This is a key janitorial supply product for office buildings. Need a quick and easy liquid remover for your floor; Standard Moss Floor Squeegee 22 Inch is the one. The special splash guards prevent the water from spilling over the galvanized frame. The reinforced handle socket is secured to the frame for heavy duty applications. It is also ideal for tough, industrial work in factories, supermarkets, warehouse and gas stations. Furthermore, the twin blades move large amounts of liquid and dirt. When industrial grade floor squeegees are needed, choose from our various squeegees to suit your needs. Gray Floor Squeegee Straight Blade 18 Inch is a heavy duty floor squeegee in all purpose squeegees that handle the toughest liquid jobs. Best used in moving large volumes of water, mud, debris, waste, scraps, slush or snow and flood clean-up. The floor squeegee has a long handle like push brooms, used to clean floors after they have been sprayed with water or soap, to push the water into drains. This is often used in places that need the floors cleaned regularly, such as army barracks or the meat departments in supermarkets. Hospitals sometimes use the floor squeegee to clean up any spills that occur in operating rooms or regular patient rooms as the design of the squeegee lends itself towards a more sanitary clean up.

Keep tools accessible at your side. Bucket on a Belt New and Classic Version 3 Compartment are available in two versions: The new version holds 2 squeegees, strip washer and scraper for left or right handed use. The classic version holds 1 squeegee, strip washer and scraper. For right handed use only. Both versions come with a sturdy quick release strap for easy removal from belt and hold quart of cleaning liquid. By using a Bucket on a Belt hands are left free for the real work. Annoying, tiresome climbing up and down a ladder are eliminated. They even fasten to a ladder quickly and easily with the quick release strap.

Wherever cleanliness and hygiene are the main concerns, squeegees and washers are indispensable products. These janitorial supplies are widely used for various cleaning applications in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and workplaces. Floors are often a matter of concern when dust stains stick on to them for effectively removing all these strains, you apply come cleaning solutions. But the toughest job you have to face would be the removal of those cleaning solutions from the floors. Floor washers would fix the problem. They are very helpful to clean out the solutions along with the dirt adhered to the floors.