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Storage containers are used in many businesses to contain files, folders, garbage, or small equipment. Storage containers should be kept easily accessible to access in your kitchen, restaurant, warehouses, and storage rooms.  Storage boxes come in many different sizes and shapes for your space needs.
Dunnage Racks Masking Tape Shelving Storage Containers

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Storage Sheds Utility Tilt Trucks

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ActionPacker Black Storage Container - 24 Gallon
Our Price: $51.25 / EACH   
33 in stock!

RHP1172BLA by Rubbermaid Home Products more info
Black Utility Duty Tilt Truck
Our Price: $828.69 / EACH
177 in stock!

RCP1314BLA by Rubbermaid Commercial more info
Rectangular Structural Foam Tilt Truck Black - 57.38 in.
Our Price: $513.78 / Each
258 in stock!

RCP9T13BLA by Rubbermaid more info
Blue Recycling Cube Truck - 500 lbs
Our Price: $578.76 / EACH
50 in stock!

RCP4616-73BLU by Rubbermaid more info
Heavy-Duty Platform Trucks Black 24 in. x 48 in.
Our Price: $582.13 / each
29 in stock!

RCP4441BLA by Rubbermaid Commercial more info
Ice Tote 12 in. Black Lid - Each
Our Price: $13.18 / EACH
122 in stock!

RCP9F73BLA by Rubbermaid Commercial more info
Rectangular Structural Foam Tilt Truck Black - 2100 Lb.
Our Price: $1,048.82 / Each
64 in stock!

RCP9T16BLA by Rubbermaid more info
Rubbermaid commercial produces high quality storage and transport products that help simplify your business. Rubbermaid material handling products are found in every foodservice and company around. Rubbermaid products are durable and last long helping save your foodservice business money. Rubbermaid storage and stacking solutions are designed to hold more of what you are storing while taking up less space in your storage room. Rubbermaid containers are nestable and stackable which helps you maximize your storage space. Our storage container bottoms are made to prevent them from slipping when they are stacked high on shelves and on top of themselves. Rubbermaid storage containers fit into closets, cabinets and any storage area compactly and efficiently. They also have tight snapping lids to keep the items inside secure. Our material handling products include tilt trucks, utility trucks, carts and more for your foodservice needs. Our storage containers and material handling products help your foodservice operation be the best it can be.