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Toilet Bowl Brushes

With the advent of the toilet came the famous toilet bowl brush that remove stains and cleans the commercial bathroom throughout the world. Most toilet bowel brushes are made a type of plastic that resists mold as well as the chemicals used in cleaning. Toilet bowl brushes are seen as disposable cleaning products that are now available.
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Toilet Bowl Brush With Plastic Handle - 17 in.
Our Price: $6.79 / EACH
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RCP6320 by Rubbermaid more info
Tampico Toilet Bowl Brush
Our Price: $3.66 /EACH   
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Proline Brush White Tampico Bowl Brush
BRU6217 by Proline Brush
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Toilet Bowl Brush w/Holder (includes 2 heads) - Cleaning Kits
Our Price: $25.70 / KIT
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UNGBBWHR by Unger Enterprises Inc. more info
Replacement Heads Ergo Toilet Bowl Brush
Our Price: $11.77 / Pack   
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UNGBBRHR by Unger more info
Toilet bowl brushes are also now manufactured to be ergonomic for bathroom cleaning. By adding a stylish caddy or holder, toilet bowel brushes can also add to the overall design of the room. Toilet bowl brush holders can be ceramic, wood, plastic, or any number of other materials. Many are painted or feature other design elements including models that disguise the toilet bowel brush it contains. Need a good bowl mop for cleaning toilet bowls, we offer you Acrilan Yarn Bowl Mop With a Plastic Handle which is easy process for cleaning toilet bowls and the like including a disposable yarn head having a slide portion which received in a slot on a projecting end portion of a handle. The slide is releasable retained within the slot as by engagement of a cam projection on the slide in a recess in the handle end portion to permit the disposable yarn head to be snapped off for easy disposal and replaced with a replacement head. The handle end portion extends at an angle relative to the longitudinal axis of the handle to facilitate cleaning of difficult to reach areas. Also, the handle is adjustable to different lengths for safer, faster cleaning with less bending and stooping and less operator fatigue. Longer handle and ergonomic design, Toilet Bowl Brush w/Holder (includes 2 heads) - Cleaning Kits increased worker comfort and safety by creating distance from the bowl which reduces wrist, back and arm pain, minimizes risk of backsplash. Effectively cleans toilets and urinals due to its lightweight, high-quality handle with molded grip. The reinforced curved handle reduces contorting when scrubbing under the rim and in crevices Use with one- or two-handed grip. Besides, the holder isolates contaminants to reduce spreading across surfaces- Excess solution collects in drip bowl reservoir, prevents brush from standing in liquid. The light and sturdy holder can be hand carried; hung on a cart or set on the floor- Easy to clean - step on foot rest to unscrew the base, empty excess and disinfect. Great offer that is ship with two replacement heads.

We also store many of Plastic Toilet Bowl Brushes which have heavy duty round handles with no leak, friction fit. Also, self wiping cone. The cone slides over the mop head and is squeezed to remove excess liquids. Characterized of having acid resistant polypropylene strands and mop head with great absorbency.

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