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Wooden toothpicks are needed in every restaurant and foodservice establishment in America. Offer your patrons disposable toothpicks to remove food from their teeth on their way out. Club frill-style toothpicks are perfect for foodservice operations that provide club or deli-style sandwiches for special events. They keep sandwiches together and add a decorative touch. This type of toothpick also is available in a standard size with the decorative frill cellophane. Using the frill toothpicks with colored cellophane is a great way for kitchen staff in your catering operation to identify certain foods. Toothpicks are often used to pick up finger foods such as meats or fruits so that guests donít have to pick them up with their fingers, which is more sanitary.
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Peoples Paper Picker Pin
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Club Frill Tooth Picks - 4 inch
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Round Wooden Toothpicks
Round Wooden Toothpicks 24 Boxes of 800
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Square Toothpick - Case
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Plastic Sword Picks
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Round Wooden Toothpick
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Individual Cello Wrapped Toothpicks Mint
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Regular Frill Tooth Picks
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Natural Cellophane Paper Wrapped Toothpick
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Sword Picks - 7 in.
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Frill Picks 50 Count - 7.50 in.
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For finger foods, fruit salads, relish trays or hors d'oeuvres.
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Toothpick Dispenser Clear
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Toothpick Dispenser Clear
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Mint Paper Wrapped Toothpick
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If you cater wine and cheese parties, frill toothpicks or colored plastic toothpicks can be used to pick up cheese to sample with the various wines. The color coding system can be used to identify particular types of cheeses when the food for the party is being prepared. Wineries and stores that sell premium wines often introduce a new wine by having a wine and cheese party for their guests, so the frill toothpicks are perfect. Wine tastings with food pairings are held on a regular basis at vineyards on various wine trails or at seasonal festivals. Colorful toothpicks add a nice touch to any catered affair.   Buy wholesale Toothpicks from the leader in foodservice supply.