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Unger HighAccess Cleaning System

To get to the hard to reach places in your foodservice establishment, try these high access tools. Replace high light bulbs and more without having to rely on a ladder.
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Fixi Clamp for Handi Brush
Our Price: $32.84 / EACH
780 in stock!

Fixi Clamp for Handi Brush UNGFIXI by Unger
Lambs Wool Duster - Dusting
Lambs Wool Duster - Dusting
Our Price: $12.83 / Each   
6 in stock!

Lambs Wool Duster - Dusting UNGLWDU by Unger Enterprises Inc
Threaded Wood Cone Adapter - Pole adapter
Our Price: $3.95 / Each
351 in stock!

Threaded Wood Cone Adapter - Pole adapter UNGTWA0  by Unger Enterprises Inc
Cone (UNGNCA0) Adapter - Nylon
Cone Adapter - Nylon
Our Price: $4.64 / Each
329 in stock!

Cone Adapter - Nylon UNGNCA0  by Unger Enterprises Inc
Universal Adapter - Paint Brush
Our Price: $16.17 / Each
4 in stock!

Universal Adapter - Paint Brush UNGPBR0  by Unger Enterprises Inc
Put everything within arms reach with the Unger High Access System.
Unger's High Access System keeps workers on the ground to eliminate the safety risks associated with ladders.
The system includes lightweight, ergonomically designed aluminum telescopic poles available in a large variety of lengths with ergonomic grips.