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Unger Restroom Cleaning System

Unger is a leader in bathroom supplies to keep your foodservice restrooms clean and tidy. All of their products are ergonomic and efficient to clean with in commercial bathrooms.
Unger Accessories Unger Mop Bucket Press Holder Unger Toilet Bowl Brush

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ErgoDustPan with Broom Cleaning Kits
Our Price: $45.50 /Each   
1527 in stock!

UNGEDPBR by Unger Enterprises Inc.
SmartColor Swivel Corner Brush 8.6 inches
SmartColor Swivel Corner Brush 8.6 inches
Our Price: $14.23 /Each   
1133 in stock!

UNGCB20G by Unger Enterprises Inc.
Toilet Bowl Brush w/Holder (includes 2 heads) - Cleaning Kits
Our Price: $21.26 / KIT
1008 in stock!

UNGBBWHR by Unger Enterprises Inc.
ProDuster with 1 sleeve Cleaning Kits
ProDuster with 1 sleeve Cleaning Kits
Our Price: $20.46 /Each   
175 in stock!

UNGLWDUR by Unger Enterprises Inc.
EazyAdapter (UNGWH180) Water Hose Cleaning Kits
EazyAdapter Water Hose Cleaning Kits
Our Price: $21.83 /Each   
812 in stock!

UNGWH180 by Unger Enterprises Inc.
Restroom Mop Holder Cleaning Kits
Our Price: $38.80 /Each   
207 in stock!

UNGSM40R by Unger Enterprises Inc.
NiftyNabbera 18 inches Cleaning Kits
Our Price: $35.73 /Each   
43 in stock!

UNGNN40R by Unger Enterprises Inc.
Restroom Floor Pack - Cleaning Kits
Our Price: $258.78 /Each   
37 in stock!

UNGSMFPR by Unger Enterprises Inc.
Restroom Bucket Combo 30L - 8G
Our Price: $166.96 /Each   
36 in stock!

UNGCOMBR by Unger Enterprises Inc.
Sprayer on a Belt Spray Bottle Kit - 33.81 oz.
Our Price: $28.12 / Each
18 in stock!

Restroom Bucket Combo 15L - 4G
Our Price: $133.88 /Each   
26 in stock!

UNGCOMSR by Unger Enterprises Inc.
Replacement Heads Ergo Toilet Bowl Brush
Our Price: $9.74 / Pack   
92 in stock!

Improved sanitation. Increased productivity. Ergonomic performance. Achieving these goals can be difficult when using a random collection of cleaning tools, as they generally do not work together as smoothly and effectively as a system. Unger takes a systematic approach to restroom care.
Our solution is the industry's first Restroom Cleaning System and includes all of the tools and procedures necessary to effectively and efficiently clean a restroom. Our program includes a streamlined process that promotes superior cleaning and employee satisfaction by simplifying every task.