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Unger SmartColor Cleaning System

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SmartColor MicroWipe Red - Case
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UNGMF40R By Unger more info
Unger's SmartColor Cleaning System combines Unger's superior cleaning technology with the sanitation and productivity benefits of visual coding to prevent cross contamination in hospitals and healthcare centers.
Color-coded enhancements on Unger's ergonomic cleaning tools help cleaning professionals easily organize equipment and their workday.
The results are improved hygiene, reduced risk, efficient performance, and cleaner facilities.
Prevent Cross-Contamination - Distinct color coding makes it easy to separate cleaning tools into well-defined areas and tasks.
Now restroom tools remain in the restroom and kitchen tools in the kitchen.
This reduces bacteria and virus cross-contamination between high and low-risk areas.
The proper use of the color-coding system creates a healthy, sanitary building that benefits employees, occupants and visitors.