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Vinyl Gloves

While there are some vinyl gloves used in the medical field (see our Medical Grade Disposable Vinyl Powder Free Exam Gloves at a great low price), Vinyl Gloves are mostly used in non-medical applications such as foodservice. Vinyl Gloves are latex free and made from PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). Vinyl gloves are comfortable, but fit more loosely than latex gloves or nitrile gloves. They are also less expensive than latex gloves or nitrile gloves.
Vinyl Gloves are commonly used for cleaning, food preparation and painting. They are a utility grade glove, excellent for a general purpose glove. With rigorous use, vinyl gloves can tear and are not intended for extended wear use. They may also be used in light manufacturing and are available lightly powdered or powder free. Vinyl gloves have excellent anti-static properties and are highly resistant to fats, acids and alcohols. For your general purpose hand protection in light janitorial, food handling painting or manufacturing, vinyl gloves are the most cost effective choice. There has been an increased demand for vinyl gloves due to an increase in latex allergy discoveries. Many of the vinyl gloves offered here at FoodServiceFireSale are bar coded for inventory control as well. For general purpose use, vinyl gloves are an excellent choice. With their cost being lower than latex gloves or nitrile gloves, they are the choice for low risk applications.  In work environments where gloves are frequently changed such as food handling, vinyl gloves come in handy and protect you, your employees, and the people that come into contact with you or them. Vinyl gloves are available in many sizes and at a great price. Don't forget to pick up your glove dispenser as well for your vinyl gloves to keep them organized and all in one place. Thank you for browsing our vinyl gloves and choosing FoodService FireSale to provide you hand protection when you need it.