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WNA Comet

WNA Comet is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high quality plastic disposable cups, plates, cutlery, servingware, dessertware, and other catering products. These are complete plate and flatware products that can be used for take-out orders or any catering job where a casual feel is appropriate.  Are you planning a banquet or Christmas event, but don’t have sufficient china?  Don’t buy china just for this event.  WNA Comet manufactures upscale disposable plates for making a formal presentation at the table setting.
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With the convenience of disposable plates made by WNA you can set a formal table without the worry about storage, high costs, and cleanup. Simply use the plates and then dispose of them, freeing your self of the burden and costs of cleanup. WNA Comet manufactures high quality plastic disposable cups, plates, cutlery, servingware, dessertware, and other catering products. WNA combines style, quality, and performance with the most expansive line of single service tableware possible. WNA has pioneered brands such as britelites, caterline, checkmate, classic crystal, classicware, deli containers, cometware, designerware, frost flex, funcups, masterpiece, milan, petites, reflections, and souvenir cups. The products that the WNA Comet Company is best known for are their lines of designer ware plate products that many restaurants and caterers use in place of heavy and expensive plates. These designer plates all have the look and durability of much more expensive plates, but their disposable cost makes them ideal for your needs. You can get them in plain white, clear or get white plates with designer patterns. The more elegant plates are called the Masterpiece line and they could pass for designer plates in almost any situation. You will impress your guests and your catering clients when you use these kinds of plate solutions. The WNA Comet line of products also includes designer plastic cups, forks, knives and spoons that come in looks that we are all familiar with. You can add a touch of elegance to your event by using the Stemware line of plastic cups or get the frosted tumbler with a designer logo on it to make a long-lasting impression. There are several types of disposable plates available, and your guests simply won’t believe they are not real. • Milan series – For a contemporary look. Square, and comes in black or white, and various sizes.
• Classic Ware – With scrolled edges in black or white.
• Masterpiece – Classic china look in white or ivory with gold or silver trim
Give your self a break and enjoy the elegance of the disposable plates made by WNA Comet.