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Waste Receptacles

Waste receptacles, aka garbage cans, are something every foodservice business needs. We stock indoor garbage containers in multiple sizes and colors for your company. Food Service Fire Sale sells outdoor waste containers as well for an restaurants, shopping centers, warehouses, parks, and more. Rubbermaid commercial is the leading waste container manufacturer in the world and we stock all of them including recycling containers and other GREEN garbage containers.
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Utility Refuse Dolly Gray
Our Price: $25.70 / Each   
5181 in stock!

Utility Refuse Dolly Gray - Each
UNSDOLLY by Unisan
Brute Lid Round Blue Recycling Top - 32 Gallon
Our Price: $15.90 / Each   
1698 in stock!

Brute Lid Round Blue Recycling Top - 32 Gallon
RCP1788376 by Rubbermaid
Sanitary Napkin White Disposal System - 3 Gal.
Our Price: $66.26 / EACH
645 in stock!

RCP750243 by Rubbermaid Commercial
Glutton Hooded Top without doors, fits 256B - Brown
Our Price: $193.92 / EACH
646 in stock!

RCP256VBRO by Rubbermaid
Anthracite Slim Jim Container Gray 23 Gallon
Our Price: $24.84 / Each
995 in stock!

UNS23GLSJGRA by Unisan
Black Utility Duty Tilt Truck
Our Price: $828.69 / EACH
343 in stock!

RCP1314BLA by Rubbermaid Commercial
Black Commercial Mega Brute Mobile Container Lid
Our Price: $202.68 / Each  
258 in stock!

Black Commercial Mega Brute Mobile Container Lid
RCP9W72 Rubbermaid Commercial
Rectangular Structural Foam Tilt Truck Black - 2100 Lb.
Our Price: $1,048.82 / Each
53 in stock!

RCP9T16BLA by Rubbermaid
Smoker Cease Fire Polyethylene Cigarette
Our Price: $62.13 / Each   
127 in stock!

JUS26800 by Justrite
Step-On White Rectangular Waste Can - 8.25 Gallon
Our Price: $21.14 / Each
532 in stock!

RHP2841-87WHI by Rubbermaid Home Products
Feminine Hygiene Waste Receptacle
Our Price: $26.10 / Case   
4 in stock!

Feminine Hygiene Waste Receptacle
HOSND-1W by Hospeco
Waste receptacles and garbage containers for commercial foodservice requirements.