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White Bakery Boxes for your Bakery

White bakery boxes are the most common in the foodservice industry. Wholesale white bakery boxes are clean white and make your desserts look clean and delicious.
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SCH 0961
White Lock Corner Bakery Boxes 9x9x4
Our Price: $55.90 / Case of 200
2002 in stock!

SCH0961 by Southern Champion
SCH 0989
Lock Corner Bakery Boxes White 12x12x6
Our Price: $37.94 / Case of 50
769 in stock!

SCH0989 by Southern Champion
SCH 0977
White Bakery Box - 10 x 10 x 5.5 inches
Our Price: $38.63 / CASE of 100
614 in stock!

SCH0977 by Southern Champion
SCH 0973
White Bakery Boxes 10x10x4
Our Price: $39.95 / CASE of 100
781 in stock!

SCH0973 by Southern Champion
SCH 0969
White Bakery Boxes 10x10x2.5
Our Price: $53.26 / Case of 250
425 in stock!

SCH0969 by Southern Champion
White Bakery Box 9 in. x 5 in. x 4 in. - Case
Our Price: $49.18 / Case of 250
680 in stock!

SCH0949 by Southern Champion
SCH 0993
White Bakery Box - 14 x 14 x 6 Inches
Our Price: $38.38 / Case of 50
607 in stock!

SCH0993 by Southern Champion
SCH 1025
White Lock Corner Sheet Cake Box 14x10x4
Our Price: $52.26 / CASE of 100
458 in stock!

SCH1025 by Southern Champion
Paper Cake and Pie Boxes 8X8X5in. - Case
Our Price: $34.35 / CASE of 100
945 in stock!

SCH09455 by Southern Champion
Paper Cake and Pie Boxes 9x9x2.5 inch
Our Price: $47.90 / Case of 250
142 in stock!

SCH0953 by Southern Champion
SCH 0941
White Lock Corner Bakery Boxes 8x8x4
Our Price: $57.13 / Case of 250
209 in stock!

SCH0941 by Southern Champion
Paper Cake and Pie Boxes 12X12X5in. - Case
Our Price: $64.57 / CASE of 100
102 in stock!

SCH0987 by Southern Champion
White Cake and Pie Box - 10 in. x 10 in. x 3 in.
Our Price: $64.26 / CASE of 200
99 in stock!

SCH0971 by Southern Champion
SCH 0909
White Lock Corner Bakery Boxes 6x6x4
Our Price: $44.40 / Case of 250
158 in stock!

SCH0909 by Southern Champion
Non Window White Lock Corner Bakery Box - 12 in. x 12 in. x 4 in.
Our Price: $40.76 / Bundle
210 in stock!

SCH0985 by Southern Champion
White Poly Wrapped Bakery Box 6 in. x 6 in. x 3 in. - Case
Our Price: $38.47 / Case of 250
130 in stock!

SCH0905 by Southern Champion
SMY 6X6X2-1/2
White Bakery Boxes 6 x 6 x 2.5 inches
Our Price: $35.15 / Case of 250
8 in stock!

SMY6X6X2-1/2 by Southern Champion
Paper Cake and Pie Boxes 14X14X5in. - Case
Our Price: $40.33 / CASE of 50
1 in stock!

SCH0991 by Southern Champion
White Sheet Cake and Utility Boxes 25x17x4.5in. - Bundle
Our Price: $45.84 / Bundle
18 in stock!

SCH1060 by Southern Champion
White bakery boxes are a necessity for any bakery or foodservice establishment. Whether you are a cake decorator at a bakery, or in a home based business, for nearly every cake you bake, you need cake rounds or rectangles and cake boxes to display and transport the cake. Many cake decorators are a small home based business, and have often been shut out from ordering in bulk, either because of requirements to be a certain size business, no storage space, or the cost was prohibitive.  Did you know that we ship cake circles, rectangles, boxes, pan liners, and sets of decorating tips right to your door? Here is the scenario that most home cake decorators run into.  You have a cake order, and you have everything you need for it except the cake boards and boxes.  In some areas there are very few cake supply specialty shops around.  If you do have a shop, often the time and gas you use to just get those items will easily cost you your profit.  Plus cake decorating shops sell the supplies at a much higher price since their retail space is expensive.  They know you need them, and the cost is usually at least doubled. With us you do not have to be a big company to order.  Even individuals can order. Or if you are involved with a cake decorating club, or know some fellow decorators, you could split orders.  Just get your friends together and decide how you want to divide up the supplies.