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Willow Specialties

Ever since 1928, the Skalny family has been a leader in the basket business. From humble beginnings in southeastern Poland, basket artisan, willow furniture maker and skilled craftsman Ludwig Skalny immigrated to the United States in 1906. Ludwig settled in Rochester, NY. Using his basket weaving expertise along with hard work, a strong business ethic, personal integrity, and an American dream, Ludwig started a small home based basket weaving business in his garage workshop. His handmade and carefully crafted baskets were quickly sold to local florists, produce markets, food stores and local retail outlets.
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With the post World War II economic boom, Ludwig’ children John, Joseph, Anna, Edward, and Bernard joined the growing company. At this point, 45 basket weavers were employed and the business was transitioned to a family corporation, the L. Skalny Basket Company. By the mid-1960’s, the firm was one of the largest US importers of baskets and wicker products. The L. Skalny Basket Company was a national leader in the basket industry.

With second generation Skalny family retirements in the 1970’s, third generation basketeer Bernard S. Skalny started and then incorporated Willow Specialties in 1983. Bernie had grown up working at “the Shop” with his grandfather, dad, aunt and uncles and knew the business from the ground up.