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Window Washers

One of the janitorial products that people are greatly interested in and always in search of are Window Washers. Windows are gateways to the outside world. They invite nature into your home, bringing in loads of sunshine, fresh air and the natural scents of the great outdoors.
When well kept and clean, windows add a touch of refined elegance to your home or office, creating an enjoyable and warm atmosphere. So brighten your day with our professional glass cleaning products. Professionals wash windows with our Monsoon plus Strip Window Washers. Plush, woven synthetic fabric is machine washable so you can tackle those everyday tough jobs. In addition to this, reinforced zigzag stitched ends and Velcro closures insure long life. Perfect for cleaning and dusting too. The handle has water wells that release water through the strip as needed. This window washer has maximum water holding and superior water releasing capacity. Moreover, it fits on all Unger poles with a press fit. Available in 10 inch, 14 inch and 18 inch sleeves. We also stock many of the MicroStrip Window Washers that feature the cleaning power of Microfiber with a built-in scrubbing pad. Microfibers actually penetrate the pores in the glass to pick up the smallest of dirt particles for a shimmering clean. The structure of tiny microfibers offers extraordinary water absorption, exceptional dirt pick up and easy rinsing. Can be laundered over 500 times. Besides, we store also the MicroStrip Window Washer Sleeves in 14 inch. So donít get frustrated when it vanishes because we have the replacements.  The Original Strip Washer offers a durable synthetic woven fiber with hook-and-loop closure fasteners and are characterized by being Launderable and reusable for many applications. Ideal for the shining of windows.

With many years of experience, we know what it takes to deliver quality cleaning for your office windows. So, let us together put the sparkle back whether in your home or in your business. With all of our window cleaner equipment, your windows will become spotless, providing a beautiful view for all seasons. Our main focus is always customer satisfaction! In fact, we don't just want you to be merely satisfied with your service, we want to create raving fans.