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Wypall L40 Wipers

Kimberly Clark Wypall L40 Wipers are an excellent all purpose wiper featuring unique DRC base sheet technology for maximum absorption and cleaning ability in cafeteria kitchens and dining areas. These wipers easily absorb liquids, fluids, lubricants, and oils in any workplace. They can be used in foodservice kitchens, auto shops, hospitals, and more. The amazing thing about the L40 wipers is that they are soft enough for use on face and hands as well. KC Professional wypall has been setting the standard for general purpose wiping for over 25 years in the workplace.
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Wypall (KCC05701) L40 All Purpose White Wipers - 12 x 14
Wypall L40 All Purpose White Wipers - 12 x 14
Our Price: $92.18 / CASE of 1008
4141 in stock!

KCC05701 by Kimberly Clark
Wypall (KCC05007) L40 Jumbo Roll White Wipers - 12 x 13
Wypall L40 Jumbo Roll White Wipers - 12 x 13
Our Price: $53.26 / CASE of 750
2553 in stock!

KCC05007 by Kimberly Clark
Wypall (KCC05790) L40 All Purpose Cloth Like Wipers in Pop-Up Box
Wypall L40 All Purpose Cloth Like Wipers in Pop-Up Box
Our Price: $82.95 / CASE of 900
1908 in stock!

KCC05790 by Kimberly Clark
KCC 03046
Wypall L40 Grab A Rag Wipers - 11 x 10
Our Price: $59.09 / CASE of 810
1001 in stock!

KCC 03046 by Kimberly Clark
KCC 05776
Wypall L40 Blue Wipers - 12.5 x 14.4 Quarterfolds
Our Price: $71.65 / CASE of 672
694 in stock!

KCC 05776 by Kimberly Clark
KCC 05027
Wypall L40 Wipers Small Roll - 11 x 10 White
Our Price: $80.78 / CASE of 1680
1175 in stock!

KCC05027 by Kimberly Clark
KCC 05796
Wypall L40 White Centerpull Wipers - 10 x 15
Our Price: $66.93 / CASE of 400
320 in stock!

KCC05796 by Kimberly Clark
KCC 05740
Wypall L40 Blue Wipers Pop Up Box - 16 x 10
Our Price: $114.96 / CASE of 900
385 in stock!

KCC05740 by Kimberly Clark
Buy Wypall L40 Wipers to absorb large liquid spills and leaks in your facility. These wipers are perfect for routine industrial cleaning and maintenance as well as for removing soils and liquids from face and hands. Foodservice kitchens, cafeterias and dining rooms have to clean up spills and messes all the time during normal business hours. Buy all purpose wipers that can act in multiple roles such as the L40 wipers from Kimberly Clark. These wipers are soft enough to use on your face, yet absorbent and tough enough to use in an auto shop. Your waiter staff can use these to clean up spilled drinks and soups in the dining rooms. Kitchen staff can wipe down equipment and work tables in the kitchen. These L40 wipers come in different packs. Some can be wall mounted for easy access while others come in convenient pop up boxes for countertop use.